About my company

Beyond Consultancy is a boutique consulting firm from Belgium, expert in Industrial Operations and Supply Chain management. It was registered in Brussels on 17 Dec 2010 as a private limited company (BVBA) under BE.0831.993.645.


My promises are based on my own strengths. They are rooted in my professional experience. I carry your company’s interests at heart. You have my promise that I will give it my very best.


Your company data will be treated strictly confidential. I will gladly operate under a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) of your design. 

Data Security

Beyond works with Apple devices and uses the build-in software applications like Mail, Safari, Calendar and iWorks. Information is stored in iCloud. Other software applications like Microsoft 365 have been duly subscribed to.

Access to any device is password or biometric controlled at all times.


Beyond does not collect any personal data from visitors to its website. The website does not employ any (Google-like) analytics.

Upon the start of our professional interaction Beyond evidently has your contact information. This data will not be shared without your consent.

Beyond does not permanently store any resumes. Submitted CV’s will be read, but will not be kept any longer than required.

Note that Beyond is an independent, one-man company. This should limit any employee or subcontractor related data privacy concerns you may have.  


After an introduction meeting I will draft a Statement of Work (SoW), describing:

- The objectives of the works

- An outline of the services to be provided

- A calendar proposal, with the working locations

- A best estimation of the total time and expenses

- The proposed fee, with brief terms and conditions

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