At the close of a long and inspiring international career with a multinational company I founded Beyond Consultancy. Ever since it has been a pleasure to share my experience in managing industrial operations.


Managing lean, high-volume manufacturing operations. From greenfield studies and ramp-up’s, through mature phases, and (even) to a close. Leading industrial restructuring programs. Creating value stream breakthroughs.

Integral supply chain and inventory management. Supplying within Asia-Pacific, supplying globally. Managing wholly-owned manufacturing facilities in China, managing subcontractors and ODM’s. Implementing material procurement strategies.

Integral product and processing quality management,

Industrial engineering, cost engineering,

Managing internationally.

Industries worked in

- Key Modules (optical, magnetic, mechanical) for Consumer Electronics 

- Liquid Crystal Displays (bi-panes, cells and modules) for Mobile Telecom

- Printed Circuit Board assembly and encasing for Lighting Electronics

- Wire Wound Components for high-volume Electronics

- Polyurethane Foam converting and kitting for Industrial Acoustics

- Electrical Modules for Building Services

- Broadloom Carpets for Residential Markets


We can collaborate through:

- Interim management

- Consultancy assignments

- Quick-scans and audits

- Training sessions

If you think I can contribute to your industrial operations, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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